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  • Zombies Story: The Adventure - Kindle edition by Myron Mitchell
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Plants vs. Zombies Story: The Adventure

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I've followed the whole zombie story with all the maps and tried to look up stuff on the internet but i was hoping you guys would have more insight on how the zombies affect black ops? Especially how whenever you come back from a match and it does the flashback thing, whats that about?

Welcome to an informational video about the Call of Duty Zombies series. This video explains the full official Nazi Zombies Story Line from World At War all the way to Black Ops through every single Zombies Map.

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The Nazi Zombie Story - Nazi Zombies - Google Sites

Ascension is the eighth map in the Zombies game mode, included in the map pack. It takes place in an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome. There are two new perks, and . doesn't return, but was initially set to appear. have replaced the and . There is a new power-up introduced here, the , which grants the player a random perk. Two new made their debut, the and the , both of which are tactical grenades. The is not in this map, as it is replaced by a Russian counterpart (only for aesthetic purposes), the which works exactly the same. The four original characters, , , , and return. It is the second map where players can have zombies spawn next to them. It is the only map with the , a utility that works similarly to the . It is the fifth map where the electricity is required to be turned on. This map features Russian cosmonaut, scientist, military and civilian zombies. However, gas zombies do not return. This map also advances the zombie storyline much more than the previous map . This map includes more radios similar to the ones in and the Easter Egg which advances the story of as a demonic being. Characters from can be heard on this map by using the three red telephones, indicating that the two maps occur simultaneously. The map is based on . Ascension is also available on the iOS version of .