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Yoovi Early Learning Basic Life Skills Learn to Dress Boards - Zip, Snap, Button, Buckle, Lace & Tie 6 pcs/set

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Every little kid is challenged by zippers and buttons, laces and snaps, buckles, and all those other things that hold clothes together. This charming book is filled with delightful illustrations of kids getting dressed, and each illustration has something special about it. Full-color pictures feature such items as a real sewn-in button with a cloth buttonhole, a real sneaker shoelace to tie into a bow, metal snaps to snap, and a real zipper to zip. These zippers, buttons, and bows are parts of the book's big, full-color pictures that show playful kids getting ready to go outside for fun and games. Their story is simple but charming. Every kid who opens this book will find a brand new set of storybook friends, along with zippers, buttons, and bows so they can practice dressing all by themselves.

Manufactured to quality standards, the Button Hook Zipper Puller is ergonomic, comfortable, inexpensive and easy to use. For those with weak or arthritic fingers, there is probably no more difficult a task than buttoning a button! The Zipper Button Puller eliminates the stress and frustration of struggling with buttons or zippers. For the holidays, the Button Hook Zipper Puller makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. Buy the Enablers Button Hook Zipper Puller today!


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