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Mr. Huntley printed copies of Dr. Dowie’s sermons and articles. Mr. Huntley died in 1967 and the house was up for sale again. Mr. Wesley Ashland, a Zion jeweler, made arrangements to purchase the house for $18,500 for the purpose of restoring it and organizing the Zion Historical Society.

Today, the Shiloh House has been restored to the splendor of the Victorian era and its original glory after years of appreciative labor. The first floor is frequently rented for quaint special occasions. Not only does the house stand as a silent monument to Dr. John Alexander Dowie, it also serves as the headquarters for the Zion Historical Society and as Zion’s historical museum.

Memorial Weekend Saturday May 28, 2011
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The Pride of the Mt Zion Historical Society

The Historical Park is located at the former site of Elk county's oldest Protestant church- Mt Zion. The park is being developed and maintained by an active group of interested citizens who volunteer their time and efforts in preserving the history of the area. The development of the Mt Zion Historical Park is funded by contributions and donations. The long term maintenance of the park is provided by a perpetual trust fund.

Joseph Burke and Peter Kunes installed the foundation for the Veteran's Memorial in 1999. In 2005, the Mt Zion Historical Society began raising funds for the memorial working with the Weedville American Legion Post 978 to develop the general layout which included the inscriptions for both the front and back of the memorial. In 2006, the granite stone that has a total weight of about 2800 pounds was ordered from Korb and Sons in DuBois.

Dana Caralone donated the labor to lay the bricks. In April of 2007 the brick was about one third complete when Korb installed the granite stone. Micale Constructiondonated the service of his crane to set the stone. In early May of the same year,Mr Catalone completed the brickwork.

One week following the completion of the masonry work Doug Herbert and Dave Konkle installed the capping stones. Doug Herbert donated the capping stones. About this same time, the Society installed a 30 foot flagpole next to the Memorial to fly the Legion flag. Gayon McClintick donated his equipment and time for the landscaping. Several weeks after the dedication of the Memorial the eagles were installed. The eagles were donated by James Burke and installed by Dave Konkle.

To honor your favorite veteran, you can order walkway bricks and special park benches also. Please complete the linked and mail in.