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  • In the late 1970s, Zilbergeld gained prominence by challenging the work of the noted sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
  • To address the sexual problems most likely to result from growing up male, Zilbergeld blows a dozen myths:

The New Male Sexuality: The Truth About Men, Sex, and Pleasure

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I found the new book better for several reasons. First, some individual sections, such as those about erection problems, are more complete than they were in the first book. Second, the new book includes extended discussions on communicating with partners and with male children that are likely to enhance readers' lives both in and out of bed. And third, our social world has changed so profoundly in the past 15 years that some of Zilbergeld's 1978 observations about the ways men and women communicate have become somewhat obsolete. The new book, like the old one, is written in an easy, conversational style. It contains all the useful old information from , and new information and insights Zilbergeld has gleaned through his own experience as a prominent psychologist, sex therapist, and teacher in the Bay Area – and as a man, a son, and a father.

This is the single best book about male sexuality I have ever read, surpassing what used to be the best book on male sexuality I had ever read before, which is Bernie Zilbergeld's earlier work, .


The new male sexuality - Bernie Zilbergeld - Google Books

"Er ist einen halben Meter lang, hart wie Stahl, allzeit bereit und haut dich aus den Socken!", schrieb Bernie Zilbergeld in seinem Buch "Die neue Sexualität der Männer". Wir schauen, was dran ist an den Mythen der Männer. Eine Betrachtung, die nicht immer tierisch ernst zu nehmen ist und doch ein kleiner Anstoß sein soll, seine Rolle als Vertreter des starken Geschlechts zu hinterfragen.