• Zhores Medvedev
  • Zhores Medvedev is now a senior research scientist for the National Institute for Medical Research in London.
  • Zhores Aleksandrovich Medvedev (: ; born 14 November 1925 in ) is a  ,  and . His twin brother is the historian .
  • Zhores Aleksandrovich Medvedev, (born November 14, 1925, Tbilisi, Georgia, U.S.S.R

A Questions Of Madness: Repression by Psychiatry in the Soviet Union


Zhores Alexandrovich Medvedev is a well-known biologist and publicist. His scientific achievements in the field of genetics are acknowledged by biologists the world over. He is the author of several books and more than 100 scientific papers. He is known to the general public in the USSR and abroad for his work on the history of biological debate in the USSR (original title: The Cult of Personality and biological science). He recently finished a big work International academic cooperation and national frontiers (see Chronicle 12.10 [item 5]). In 1969, without the legal formalities being observed, Zh. Medvedev was dismissed from the Scientific Research Institute for Medical Radiology at the insistence of the Obninsk city Party committee, and for nine months he was not issued with the documents necessary to take up new work. In spring 1970, after the Procuracy had intervened three times, Zh. Medvedev received the necessary documents and submitted them for a vacancy at the Institute of Medical Genetics in Moscow. Selection was to take place at the beginning of June.

On the evening of 29 May 1970 Zhores Medvedev was taken from his flat in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, to the Kaluga city psychiatric hospital for “diagnosis” and “observation”.


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...debris into the atmosphere. For years the only Soviet figure to speak out on the Kyshtym accident was emigre scientist Zhores Medvedev, who wrote a book called "Nuclear Disaster in the Urals." Medvedev has argued that the accident...Continue reading about