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The Book of Mu: Essential Writings on Zen's Most Important Koan


Everyone's favorite Yozi loyalist narrates a simplified history of the Exalted universe.

In this first chapter, the Primordials are introduced as vaguely defined characters of awesome power. Events included are Cytherea's awakening, the Holy Tyrant coming to Zen Mu, and the quest for the Shining Answer. The following were ignored for the sake of clarity and narrative flow: raksha, Szoreny, Gaia.

GenshNote: I was having some mic issues while recording this, which is why the volume is low.

One of the most popular Ichijikan (One -word barriers) in Zen calligraphy is that of Mu(無), which can be translated as nothing or nothingness. This Mu probably is the best known Koan in the Zen Buddhist tradition, and to penetrate on its true meaning, the endeavor in the practice of Zazen or Zen sitting is essential. By the same means, Zen calligraphy must be understood as a realization of this practice, since the Zen calligrapher manifests in his art not just mere technical ability, but his No Mind ( Mushin). So by the gate of Zazen practice, the calligrapher can enter into the practice of Zensho (Zen calligraphy).


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