• What is the ZEN method?
  • Torako Yui discusses her ZEN method of homeopathy and presents a case of stomach cancer to illustrate.
  • Great hub Matt on different zen methods of meditation. I'm going to try some of them out this summer. Voted up for useful!
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The Method of Zen


The ZEN method was necessary for Japan, a nation with much iatrogenic disease. Applying the ZEN method to modern iatrogenic diseases enabled me to treat mind, body and soul as the Trinity and my curative rate was remarkably increased.

The ZEN design method with its primary focus on rituals and qualities may be the preferred method for designers who would like to achieve innovation in terms of functionality, culture and social interaction.


Healing yourself – the few zen methods

Secondly, Zen itself gives no explanations. That is one of the reasons a living tradition of enlightenment has not overtaken the whole world. I would like you to understand these small dialogues which apparently mean nothing, but in a certain circumstance, produced by other Zen methods, can bring awakening. The dialogues are remembered down the centuries; and the people on the path of Zen enjoy them immensely. But for outsiders they remain an anathema, because the context is never told; in what reference the awakening happened is never discussed.