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Yoga Pretzels (Yoga Cards)


When I spoke to her about yoga poses for kids, she immediately mentioned Yoga Pretzels, a great oversized deck of cards. Turns out that I had a set of these from the nice folks at . My youngest likes to use these cards when he wants to “learn” yoga. My oldest actually hates doing yoga; she has very tight hamstrings and has to do yoga to keep from being injured. And my middle daughter has crashed my yoga class as the only child practitioner in her class. After years of gymnastics, she’s really flexible and can do the entire Vinyasa flow. She says it makes her feel calm which is a good thing.

Bea put together a brief sequence that uses a fraction of the Yoga Pretzels cards. Here’s the images for the pose but the back of each card gives detailed instructions of how to get into the pose, and I highly recommend getting Yoga Pretzels!


Yoga Pretzels: Fifty Fun Activities for Kids and Grownups