• Yeti Run 5K Run/Walk
  • Come out and test your strength, stamina and teamwork at Nepal's first obstacle race - The Yeti Run.
  • Yeti Run is an eternal runner game that you can easily play anytime anywhere
  • Sweaty Yeti Run - East Jordan, MI 2015 | ACTIVE

Run Yeti


Simple skateboard moves allow Chuck E. Cheese to make his way through the various obstacles in each theme. The Yeti River Run is the newest theme “world”, but there is also the Sweet Scape and Coconut Park. My candy loving youngest son liked the Sweet Scape, but my other boys preferred the snowy setting of the Yeti River Run.

Recently I downloaded the app by Chuck E. Cheese on our iPad and purchased the latest update “Yeti River Run” for a mere $.99. Very quickly it has become my boys’ new favorite app. Yours truly gave the river run a test first. I’ll just confess I must be game challenged. I crashed into the logs in mere seconds. Meanwhile my five year old took the reins and easily maneuvered his way through the race.


Yeti Run - Frozen Furry Bigfoot Screenshot 2

All proceeds from the Sweaty Yeti Run fund the Barber-Galvin Memorial Scholarhip, in memory of Christie Barber-Galvin and Kellie Barber. This scholarship will be awarded to East Jordan High School graduates who are involved in sports and the community.