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  • Yen Tan attends 'Pit Stop' Premiere at Prospector Square on January 21, 2013 in Park City, Utah.
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When Yen Tan was growing up in the Eighties, he didn't dream of making movie posters; he dreamed of making movies like the big American blockbusters that flooded the movie theatres of his native Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His parents, meanwhile, dreamed of their son having a viable career. And though Yen Tan's parents won the battle, you could argue Yen Tan won the war. They sent him to Drake University in far-off Des Moines, Iowa, to study advertising, but he attended film classes on the side and learned that there was a whole world of movies that didn't require $50 million to make – a dangerous realization for any aspiring filmmaker who had until that point been deterred from his desire by family obligation.

One of the standout films from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival was the drama from director Yen Tan, which picked up numerous awards on the 2013 film festival circuit, including a Grand Jury Prize from Outfest. The film (honoring films made for under 500k) at the upcoming Film Independent Spirit Awards. Starring Bill Heck and Marcus DeAnda as two gay men living in a small town, Pit Stop tells the story of their lives with quiet assurance, making the film as much of a character portrait as it is a (eventual) romance. Yen Tan (who also wrote and directed the 2008 film Ciao) spoke with GLAAD about Pit Stop, which was released digitally today with from Wolfe set for February 4.


GLAAD interviews 'Pit Stop' director Yen Tan | GLAAD