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Yas NEW SONG - Released November 10, 2009


Yas- Hadaf [YasRapStar]Persian Rapper Yas- Hadaf


  • Yas ft Ammin- Honey [YasRapStar]ahangeh bahal wa shad az Yas wa Ammin- Honey...EnjoY..
  • Yas- Bi To dige na aslan! Video Clip [YasRapStar]
  • ye ahange nesnatan khoob va jadid az yaser & 3GZ!!

Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar with Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer

Too low to display

The YAS-203 is basically the with a subwoofer thrown in, though the main unit features a subtly different design and looks more like a pill with its rounded end grilles. It's constructed of black plastic and can be wall-mounted or made to straddle your TV stand with the addition of rubber feet. If you don't want it to block your screen, then make sure you have at least 3.125 inches to accommodate the Yamaha's height.

If there's a universal constant among budget sound bars, it's that the remote controls are on a par with chintzy garage door remotes. Thankfully Yamaha has put some thought into the clicker that comes with the YAS-203, with helpful pictograms and a logical arrangement of buttons.


Yas Island Water Park entrance under construction

To experience Yas Island and its unique destinations at utmost convenience, a complimentary transport service is available to all hotel guests, providing pick-up and drop off at all attractions on Yas Island throughout the day with regular trips to Yas Beach and the city centre.