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  • Xu Lai (actress)
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Xu Lai

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His wife said that two men forced Xu Lai into the men’s toilet. She chased after them and found that one was holding a vegetable knife and the other a dagger. The men escaped, leaving Xu Lai on the ground with a cut to his stomach.

Xu Lai, the writer behind Pro-State in Flames, was speaking at the One Way Street bookshop in Beijing on Saturday afternoon when he was attacked, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported. He had been speaking for a couple of hours and was answering questions when a fracas erupted.


Xu Lai Auction Results - Xu Lai on artnet

I’m in love with this picture.
It is of course Xu Lai, who was the first Chinese actress to ever do a bathtub scene.
And it’s Sims-related because I unearthed it while doing some background on a potential story line about Maya’s adventures in Shang Simla.