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This handout describes some steps for planning and writing papers in communication studies courses


ENC 3466, Writing in the Communication Sciences.

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The Major in Writing Communication consists of 47 hours, including 42 hours in English and 5 hours in Humanities. Transfer students bringing 45 or more credit hours in transfer are exempt from HUM 299, with the result that the major requirement is reduced to 46 hours. Required courses include:

Try to choose a topic in which you have some interest or investment. Your writing for communications will not only be about the topic, but also about yourself—why you care about the topic, how it affects you, etc. It is common in the field of communication studies not only to consider why the topic intrigues you, but also to write about the experiences and/or cognitive processes you went through before choosing your topic. Including this kind of introspection helps readers understand your position and how that position affects both your selection of the topic and your analysis within the paper. You can make your argument more persuasive by knowing what is at stake, including both objective research and personal knowledge in what you write.


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