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World Without End


Previously on World Without End: Merthin and the plague arrived in Kingsbridge, pretty much at the same time. Godwyn ran off to the priory of St John-in-the-Forest, where he immediately …

If you have read or listened to “Pillars of The Earth”, you will not be disappointed with World Without End. It is yet another masterpiece from Ken Follett that – despite its length – is an easy and rewarding experience. No other author can mix history, drama, love, battle and suspense like him.

World without End follows a number of characters in Kingsbridge during 40 years – beginning approximately 200 years after the end of Pillars of the Earth. It is therefore not a prerequisite to have read this book first.

I have now almost 200 audio books under my belt – and this is one of the best ones. After the usual first listening hour with confusions about all the characters that are introduced, the remaining 47 hours is pure and utter joy.

I really look forward to a third book about Kingsbridge – which Ken Follett has indicated might come in a few years.

I almost forgot: The narrator John Lee is just outright brilliant, with his pleasant and mellow voice.



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Previously on World Without End: Petranilla killed a few more people, because why not? and Godwyn got in on the action in order to try and steal the convent’s land. …