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Jumping in the House of God


Manchester based band 'The Tribe' (formerly 'The World Wide Message Tribe') was formed in 1992 with the mission to express the Christian message through their hip hop music to the young UK generation. The band do not only do gigs, but also take lessons and assemblies in schools, with of a mix of live performance and teaching from the bible to communicate their message.

I ask Deronda what she thinks of The Message facilities. "It's reallynice. When I first came two years ago we were in one room in a church,all of us sitting in one room," Deronda drawls in her lazy Georgiaaccent. "We've now grown to 21 people full time for this organisationand it got a bit crowded. So we went around scouting and God justkinda opened this up, so we can get Andy out of our room and get somework done!" Deronda lets out a warm chuckle. "It really is a nicefacility," she continues. "The Message 2000 works upstairs, the EdenProject team works downstairs and the World Wide Message Tribe havetheir own little office."


World Wide Message Tribe - Frantik

The World Wide Message Tribe (later known as The Tribe) formed in 1991, and grew out of an evangelistic project called "Message to Schools" run by fashion designer Andy Hawthorne and singer Mark Penells. The Tribe disbanded in 2004.The line-up of "the tribe" varied over the 13 years and included many recognized Christian artists including, Andy Hawthorne (director of the message), Mark Pennells (co-director of Innervation trust), Zarc Porter (also co-director of Innervation Trust as well as producer and co-writer for most of the Tribe's musical output), Elaine Hanley, Lorraine Williams, Sani, Beth Redman (internationally known artist and author and wife of Matt Redman; She was later in a band called Storm which released an eponymous album in 1998.), Cameron Danté (formerly of Bizarre Inc), Deronda K Lewis, Collette Smethurst, Claire Prosser, Emma and Tim Owen, Lindz West, George Mhondera and Quintin Delport (George and Quintin were formally members of SA band, M.I.C. and have now set up a new bands known as Whistlejacket and Shackleton respectively.

The group won three GMA Dove Awards.
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