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Wolfblood, Season 1


The opening moments of CBBC’s Wolfblood, then, a series aimed at eight to twelve-year-olds (currently being repeated on BBC Three on Tuesday nights), were a joyful reprisal of Buffy’s conceit. A young teenage girl, alone in her house at night, hears a disturbance. Disobeying the first rule of The Big Book of Staying Alive in Horror Stuff (don’t go out to investigate) she ventures outside. Her feet creep through the dark cottage garden, the moon lighting her way, until she sees it: the wolf. Instead of turning to run though, this girl edges, arms outstretched, towards it, and begins to circle the beast…

The introduction of Jana in episode two put all the pieces in place for that stalwart of modern teen drama: the love triangle. Maddy and Jana started off at odds over their friendships with Rhydian, a scenario that could well have led to the competitive, back-biting cattiness teenage girls are so often associated with. In Wolfblood, however, it just didn’t happen. Aside from some bristling tension early on, Maddy and Jana’s relationship came to be defined by their differences - wild versus tame Wolfblood - and their similarities - alpha versus alpha. These girls are defined by more than their boyfriend, and praise be for that.


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The next day at school, Liam shows this video to everyone, resulting in a crude cartoon of Maddy as a werewolf drawn on the whiteboard. This provokes Rhydian to attack , believing him to be the culprit (which he was), and Tom and Shannon join in, to hide the fact it's because he's a wolfblood from the others, and to make believe they are also werewolves. gives Liam, Rhydian, Tom, Shannon, Jimi, and a few others detention because of the fight.