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Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

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It’s the perfect combination of strategy, patience, and violence. Wizard Chess is a lot like regular chess only without the pesky burden of having to move your arms. Instead, all you have to do is say where you want your piece to move and the board does the work for you. Then there is the added bonus of getting to see the ensuing fatality when your piece takes an opponent’s, making the victory even more sweet.

Wizard Chess brings the classic game to life with fantasy chess pieces. Two forces battle for glory using strategy, magic and weapons, and your task is to lead your army of humans, dwarfs, elves and other fantastical creatures to victory. Battles take place in many exotic locations, such as distant deserts and ruins of old temples. Watch and marvel as your pieces battle the enemy in the struggle to control the positions needed to launch that final assault on the enemy king. Features include fully automated / rotational camera view, tutorial, various game modes, onscreen clock and hints button, along with ambient background music and intuitive interface.


Wizard Chess by Poppehtart on DeviantArt