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3 Nights in the Desert

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Daniel (Wes Bentley) is a struggling young artist whose ambitions have pushed his marriage to the brink. When a reclusive millionaire named Warner (Frank Langella) purchases one of his pieces, he hopes for additional commissions from a new benefactor. Instead, Warner offers him a series of increasingly bizarre surveillance assignments. As Daniel starts to unravel the secrets behind the requests, he must determine if Warner is out to further his career or ruin his life.

Wes Bentley, bekannt aus THE HUNGER GAMES oder AMERICAN BEAUTY wird dabei in einer zwei-teiligen Halloween-Episode, die am 21. und 28. Oktober läuft, eine Rolle übernehmen. Bekannt ist nur, dass er einen ehemaligen Peiniger des Charakters den Kathy Bates spielt, mimt, der auf einen höllischen Rachefeldzug ist.


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“American Horror Story: Freak Show” has a new face attached. The FX mini-series, which is set to begin filming in mid-July, has revealed “Hunger Games” actor Wes Bentley will be joining the fourth season for a multiepisode arc.