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Ever wonder what the best way to cook steak is? Well, now your questions will be answered by this handy infographic.

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The Way to Cook


The recipe fills two large pages in The Way to Cook, giving a very specific order of battle and illustrated with nine color photographs. Julia claims the whole thing can be done by reasonably fast, well-equipped cooks in less than half an hour. We doubted that, especially since nowhere did it say “Have a sip of your apéritifs” – which was a first and recurring step for us.

I must admit that while I am an admirer, I am not a Julia Child disciple. Even though I own “The Way to Cook” with this inscription: “Christmas love to Kendra, from Mom, 1998,” I have never actually cooked from it.


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Fresh ears of corn are oven roasted in their husks for tender, sweet corn that shucks effortlessly. This is the BEST way to cook fresh corn on the cob…it tastes better than boiled and there’s no sticky, messy silk to deal with!