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The Mammoth Book of Best War Comics


Obviously, the most successful Vietnam War comic book was Marvel’s long-running series THE ‘NAM, which debuted in 1986, right in the midst of the whole late 80s Vietnam War revival. A spin-off from Murray and Golden’s “5th to the 1st” stories from Savage Tales magazine, the series ran for 84 issues, but never matched what it had in the first six issues, when writer Doug Murray was paired with artist Michael Golden. The various Punisher appearances are a particular low point.

Pepo: Well your most recent comment sort of makes things clearer for me. By your statements, it does appear that you feel that Kurtzman’s War comics are severely compromised by time and audience, and that outwith these parameters – these parameters being comics, time, audience – are 50s crap. While I probably disagree about the intelligence of the average 50s fourteen year old, within these parameters, I think we have no argument. I’ll keep an eye out for a time machine to better appreciate the EC line.


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Of course Sacco’s reporting, Tardi’s WWI stories are vastly better — more complex, harrowing, “adult,” far greater works of art — than the EC war comics line.