• Darth Vader and SonWritten andIllustrated by Jeffrey BrownPublished by Top Shelf
  • Buy Darth Vader and Son here: Vader’s Little Princess – April 10th, 2013 pre-order link:
  • Preorder your copy of , Jeffrey Brown’s new follow-up to the runaway hit, Darth Vader and Son.

Darth Vader and Son


Like of all of Jeffrey Brown’s work, this one is highly recommended. Brown also does some great work with cats that you should check out as well! As always we’ve provided you with links below to order this book on Amazon, but we’ve ALSO included the special PRE-ORDER link for his follow-up to Vader and Son called Vader’s Little Princess! Plan to complete the set in Spring 2013!

Beautifully illustrated and very cute comic book showing us a heart-warming relationship between Darth Vader and his son Luke. A must have for all the Star Wars fathers and their sons :)


Darth Vader And Son Book - This Is Why Im Broke

There are a LOT of Star Wars books on the market (both good and bad), and I’ve read my fair share (… both good and bad), but none of them have resonated with me as much as Darth Vader and Son. Brown seems to have landed in a particular niche that wasn’t tapped before — children’s books for nerdy parents to share with their kids. Charlie loves for us to read Goodnight Darth Vader to him, but I guarantee you my wife and I love it more. I had been planning on writing an article about Jeffrey Brown’s work with Star Wars for a while, but before writing it I decided to reach out to the author in the off-chance that he’d have time to do an interview with us. Mr. Brown was generous enough to answer our questions during his down time at San Diego Comic Con. Check it out!