• Good luck with your used book sale fundraiser!
  • It’s one of our favorite used bookstores – or any bookstore – anywhere.
  • At the warehouse place, I kept thinking – wow, there are a lot of people here buying used books.
  • Pancake Breakfast & Carnival & Used Book Sale – Sunday, October 5, 2014, 8am-12noon

Hudson's Bay Copy Booke Of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward 1688-1696

Too low to display

But for now, I will make one point: some of those marked-down books you see are remainders from the publisher that were returned and re-distributed, and I believe that the author also does not get payment or tally for them. A lot of folks base their purchasing strategies on those sales. This, and the popularity of used books, is a problem of the publishing system and cultural notions of the bargain more than it is a problem of the used book store.

Interesting commentary. And I, too, am one who peruses for marked down and used books. With 4 voracious readers in my house, I couldn’t afford to keep us all in new books!


Book Rack - Welcome to your one stop for new and used books

When he took his stack of books over to the used book store to sell them, he noticed a big difference in the store’s inventory from a year or two ago. He said there were a lot of old books, but very few recent books like there used to be. I suppose it’s a result from more people buying e-books?