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ttyl - 10th Anniversary update and reissue (The Internet Girls)


Myracle already proved her command of teenage girl-ness with , but the self-imposed convention of ttyl allows a subtlety that is even more brilliant. Parents might like reading the book just to quantify how out of touch they are, but teens will love the winning, satisfyingly dramatic tale of this tumultuous trio. (Ages 13 to 17) --Paul Hughes

ttyl is a stock story about the trials of friendships, high school, boys, teachers, parents, mean girls, and driving. The IM format is the only thing that saves this book from being completely unremarkable, but even that grows tiresome after twenty pages. This Gen-X reviewer who grew up without the Internet and didn't start using IM until her mid-twenties spent much time saying, "Dude, where's my language?"


TTYL has 28 ratings and 10 reviews