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Prosopagnosia, Face Blindness Explained. Prosopagnosia Types, Tests, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Research and Face Recognition all covered

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There is currently no formal treatment for prosopagnosia. However, our laboratory has recently published some attempts to remedy face recognition difficulties, either through the use of training programmes or temporary pharmaceutical intervention. While we have had some success, these techniques are still being investigated and developed. If you believe you have prosopagnosia and would like to take part in some research investigating intervention techniques, please register . If you live close to our laboratory in Bournemouth and don't mind travelling to us (travel expenses can normally be reimbursed), we will do our best to accommodate you within our current research programmes. However, we also have collaborators in other parts of the UK, Australia and America, and may be able to put you in touch with a researcher who is based closer to your home.

Prosopagnosia teaches you about this condition which makes a person unable to recognize faces. Table of ContentsChapter 1 What is Prosopagnosia?Chapter 2 What causes Prosopagnosia?Chapter 3 What are the symptoms of Prosopagnosia?Chapter 4 What tests are done for Prosopagnosia?Chapter 5 What is the treatment for Prosopagnosia?Chapter 6 What is the prognosis for Prosopagnosia?


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