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  • An unwed TORCH SINGER uses her children’s radio show to search for herillegitimate daughter.

The First Torch Singers, Volume One: The Twenties


Look for Lyda Roberti, the Polish bombshell in the first part of the movieas Colbert’s friend and roommate. Roberti died tragically young, with onlyafew films to her credit, notably "The Kid From Spain " and "Million DollarLegs," in which she played Mata Machree, The Woman No Man CanResist."Torch Singer" is kind of tame for a pre-Code feature but it’s fun andwellworth watching.

Torch Singer has a most implausible, unrealistic ending: where in theworld are little Sally’s adoptive parents and why would they simplyrelinquish her to a man claiming to be her biological father? We aren’ttold anything about how she was raised for five years, only that nowMichael has custody of her. It’s really laughable. I know they wantedto end it all with a nice big bow wrapped around it, but really,couldn’t a more realistic ending have been inserted?


The First Torch Singers - Take Two Records

For a more general introduction, Take Two dips into the careers of four singers including Helen Morgan on its album THE ORIGINAL TORCH SINGERS 91980 TT207). The others are Fanny Brice, Libby Holman and Ruth Etting. The latter was probably the most prolific female recording artist of the thirties and numerous collections of her material are widely available. She seems to have endured the test of time more readily than Helen Morgan, while Fanny Brice is better know as Funny Girl these days.