• View newly released photos of Tom Bradby.
  • For the record, the real Tom Brady does not have a Twitter account.
  • Tom Bradby tried to save a man who committed suicide.
  • Tom Bradby and his wife Claudia at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011

Shadow Dancer

Too low to display

Tom Bradby seems almost too good to be true. With his square jaw and fine head of hair, the political editor of ITV stands on College Green, outside Parliament, delivering his pieces to camera with diction that comes courtesy of Sherborne public school.

Successful author, associate of the royal family, dashing denizen of Westminster. Few media figures can match the lustre of ITV's political editor, Tom Bradby. But how much of an Establishment figure is he really?


British political reporter Tom Bradby is getting ..

Just watched an elderly man commit suicide in Greece by driving his car off the harbour wall in Rafina.— tom bradby (@tombradby)