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Slav Epic Vintage Poster (artist: Mucha, Alphonse) Czechoslovakia c. 1928 (12x18 Collectible Art Print, Wall Decor Travel Poster)

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A young girl is using a mature male as a pussy-licking toilet slave. First she’s peeing into his mouth ordering the slave drink her golden shower. Then the girl orders the slave to clean her pussy dry with his tongue. After that the girl filled the slave’s mouth with her tasty scat chocolate.

Ew look how dirty my fucking toilet and bathroom floor are. I need a fucking new toilet slave to clean for me.. with his tongue. So I’m going to teach you so you can practice at home to be my bitch. So take your laptop and go to your bathroom and get down on your fucking knees loser.


Toilet Slave of Mistress, Free Teen Porn Video 95: xHamster

What a fabulous time our favorite bitchy blonde FemDom training her new bathroom slut! This pathetic toilet slave was punished every time he embarrased himself by getting an erection without express permission from Her. Just how much can you stand? How far are you willing to go for your Domina?