• Time power.
  • The Time Power System increases your awareness of the value of
  • The Time Power System is built on three key concepts.
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Time Power: A Proven System for Getting More Done in Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible


Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Laboratory is a premier world class research, education and innovation-ecosystem laboratory for smart grid technologies. Smart Grid Research areas include, but not limited to, adaptive devices and intelligent circuits and systems, big data analytics and visualization, computational methods and high performance computing platforms, cyber-physical systems and cyber-security, hardware/software-in-the-loop simulation, micro-grids and nano-grids, plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles, power electronics, power system computation, control, modeling, operation and stability, renewable energy systems, real-time/faster than real-time large scale power system simulation and operational intelligence, sensor networks and synchrophasor technology, signal processing and wide area systems.

Leonard Shlain explores how these archaic insights about sex, time and power dramatically altered all subsequent human cultures, from the nature of courtship to the institution of marriage to the evolution of language. Along the way, the author also offers innovative and provocative theories concerning the human origins of menstrual harmony among closeknit women, homosexuality, superstition, masturbation, early menopause, circumcision, left-handedness, baldness, color blindness, sadism, and orgasms. His book also addresses the reasons why humans have the deepest capacity to love each other over the longest periods of time compared to any other animal. Sex, Time & Power is a compelling book that challenges accepted views of human sexuality and is sure to stimulate new thinking about old matters.


While developing the Time Power System, I became progressively