• Book Review: The Witches Shield by Penczak
  • the witchs shield protection magick and psychic self defense is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly.
  • Merely said, the the witchs shield protection magick and psychic self defense christopher penczak is universally compatible with any devices to read.
  • Dawn said: This is a down to earth and practical guide to basic psychic self defense

The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense


Our Witches Shield Ritual Spell Jar Vigil Candle has been carefully prepared and created to protect and banish that which does not serve. The Witches Shield deliniates the genuine need for protection from such forces as physical harm, harmful energies and negativity, evil eyes, psychic vampires (people who are draining your spiritual energy, vitality and emotion), clearing negative influence brought about by judgments and/or projections, any negative past life energies, and last but not least, oneself.

This beautifully handmade and witch blessed candle has has been hand crafted, charged and dressed with powerful herbs, oils and resins for ritual spell workings involving protection and shielding negativity, deflecting harmful energies directed towards you. With pure Dragons Blood Resin, one of the most powerful protective resins used for shielding and deflecting negativity. Dragons Blood has many magickal uses. In addition to its magickal powers relative to ultimate protection, it is also used in luck, love, purification, clearing, and courage rituals. It is a powerful protectant when carried and sprinkled around the home. Sprinkle Dragons Blood Resin (also listed here in my shoppe) at entryways to keep unwanted people and evil at bay. It will also drive away evil and negativity when burned, hence the reasoning and power within this magickal and powerful candle.

The Witches Shield Alchemy Pendant Charm Necklace is a glass phial encompassing sacred herbs, woods and crystals, witch blessed and charged. Each pendant hangs on a 18 inch chain, At the end, a Swarovski crystal bead and filigree capped briolette drop (drops colors may vary). Handmade to order and created with intent and magick especially for you, each phial measures 1.25 inches long, 2 inches including the drop. Your charm will be charged and blessed with the positive, loving energy and tucked inside a sweet gift box with ribbon ~ Feel free to note me in Message Comments and specifics too.


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