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I find it normal to finish the whole book before trying to publish it. I feel that whoever has to make a decision about it, needs to know what really is in there- not only the story, but also your constant voice and some valuable information you may offer to the reader. Also, sometimes, my characters want the story to go on a slightly or quite different way from what I thought it would, or there’s some insightful information I am getting from within which I didn’t expect. So yes, I believe that it is important to finish your story before sending it out, for both yourself and the other party involved.I guess that it also depends on your writing goals. To me,when the story comes, I know that I have to write it. It’s a powerful feeling, way more powerful than my worries or fears about not being able to publish it. And of course, by writing it first, you eliminate a lot of stress which is harmful to your well-being and creativity. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion and feelings about this topic. Have a great day!


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