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The Silkworm (A Cormoran Strike Novel)


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The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith - The Book Depository

Pigmentation patterning has long interested biologists, integrating topics in ecology, development, genetics, and physiology. Wild-type neonatal larvae of the silkworm, , are completely black. By contrast, the epidermis and head of larvae of the homozygous recessive sex-linked chocolate () mutant are reddish brown. When incubated at 30 °C, mutants with the allele fail to hatch; moreover, homozygous mutants carrying the allele () do not hatch even at room temperature (25 °C). By positional cloning, we narrowed a region containing to 239,622 bp on chromosome 1 using 4,501 backcross (BC1) individuals. Based on expression analyses, the best candidate gene was shown to be tyrosine hydroxylase (). coding sequences were identical among , , and wild-type. However, in the ~70-kb sequence was replaced with ~4.6 kb of a Tc1-mariner type transposon located ~6 kb upstream of , and in , a large fragment of an L1Bm retrotransposon was inserted just in front of the transcription start site of . In both cases, we observed a drastic reduction of expression. Use of RNAi with prevented pigmentation and hatching, and feeding of a tyrosine hydroxylase inhibitor also suppressed larval pigmentation in the wild-type strain, and in a (black-striped) heterozygote. Feeding L-dopa to neonate larvae rescued the mutant phenotype from chocolate to black. Our results indicate the gene is responsible for the mutation, which plays an important role in melanin synthesis producing neonatal larval color.