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The Ruby Knight (Book Two of the Elenium)


The Ruby Knight is fast-paced, gripping, funny edge of the seat stuff that will keep you up late with one more chapter syndrome as you try to get everything before you certainly go to bed and you will certainly want to have the sequel to hand Seda plunge straight into it as there are many mysteries left at the end! :D

Prove your loyalty to the church, master the discipline of the Devoted Spirit, and demonstrate a predilection for violence, and you can become a Ruby Knight vindicator. Even lawful good clerics of Wee Jas can benefit from the services of a Ruby Knight vindicator, so the profession imposes no alignment restrictions. If the church to which you belong recognizes your skills as a vindicator, you are considered part of the order. A large chapter of Ruby Knights usually has its own hierarchy, and as a member of the order, you might receive missions from a superior member of the order instead of a cleric of the church proper. More likely, the order to which you belong exercises no authority over knights-vindicator, allowing these elite servants of the Witch Goddess to execute missions where and when they see fit. You might be respected in the order for your accomplishments, but you have no superiors or subordinates. Most knights-vindicator aren’t concerned about advancement within the order or the church; they are content simply to act in the church’s best interests when called upon to do so. The Ruby Knight order has no membership fees. The greatest benefit of an order of Ruby Knights is the opportunity to train and confer with others who have mastered the Devoted Spirit discipline and who share a similar fanatical devotion to the cause.


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The only thing I don’t get (and it’s probably obvious) is the title. The first book – the Diamond Throne clearly refers to the spell sustaining Ehlena. The Sapphire Rose, the third book, refers to Bhelliom itself. Who’s the Ruby Knight?