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  • Title: The Novice (2006) 6.3 /10

The Novice: Summoner: Book One (The Summoner Trilogy)


The old nun smiled sadly as she watched the young novice leave her chamber, and again asked herself had they made the right decision in sending her to St Helen's?

by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer is a wonderful and beautifully written novel with a story to capture a reader’s heart. It certainly captured mine and even more surprising to me is that I’ve never read anything by this fellow Canadian of mine but that will be remedied. The Novice highlights the strength and determination of one woman to find her true love – that of the man who completes her.In 10th century Naples novice Sara is struggling with whether or not she really wants to become a nun. In her heart she knows there is so much more out there in the world for her to discover. Her decision is made for her when the Saracens, who are destroying villages and killing many, attack her convent. Sara and the nuns are forced to flee and Sara to protect the nuns puts herself directly in the path of the Saracens. Sara is left to die out in the woods but is thankfully rescued by the intriguing Nicolo. The two have an instant connection but Nicolo respects Sara’s vows as a nun and despite being heartbroken he steals away in the night.Sara is devastated and angry with herself that she wasn’t truthful with Nicolo. Luckily her uncle takes her in and she is happy with him until the dark and brooding Umberto takes a shine to her. Despite being brutally honest and telling Umberto that she will never be with him he refuses to give up and soon enough his desire to have her turns into a dangerous obsession. Sara is trapped with a man whose cruelty knows no bounds but Sara is smart and able and she will find some way to escape. To escape and find Nicolo; the only man who has ever or will ever have her heart.Four hundred pages has never flown by so quickly as it did with this novel. I was completely drawn into this story and into Sara’s life. I felt as though I was living within the pages of this book with how vividly it was told. Then there is Sara who is such a great character. She is strong, brave, and independent and possesses a passionate fire that burns strongly within her for love and life.For fans of historical fiction The Novice is a great pick! Highly recommended!
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The Novice - The Black Magician Trilogy - Wikia

Sonea knows the other novices in the Magicians' Guild all come from powerful families, but she also knows she can turn to Rothen and Dannyl for help when she needs it. That is, until someone starts spreading malicious rumours about her - and Akkarin, the High Lord, steps in. Prompted by the Guild Ambassador, Lord Dannyl leaves for the Elyne court. His first order from Administrator Lorlen is to resume, in secret, High Lord Akkarin's long-abandoned research into ancient magical knowledge. Not knowing the true reason for his journey, Dannyl is soon facing unexpected dangers. Meanwhile, Sonea has almost forgotten the High Lord's dark secret, but keeping the truth hidden may be a grave mistake.