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The Music Box Theatre has developed a new ticketing solution and now tickets can be purchased for most screenings online! As always, you can visit our Showtimes page (by clicking above) and see any upcoming screenings we have scheduled. Generally, the full showtime schedule is published on Wednesdays for the following Friday through Thursday. A partial schedule may be available further in advance for special events.

AMEN and thank you… there are a bunch of us out here trying to get and keep the great music of our people’s past (and that which honors that high and nourishing tradition in the present, including some rap music that has not been commercialized and corrupted) into the ears of today’s young people, and you have highlighted the importance of that work.


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It is not necessary to cite further examples after Boethius because The Principles of Music was so influential that it held sway for centuries thereafter. It was the standard music theory text at Oxford until 1856.