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Doctor Who: The Mind Robber (Story 45)


‘This model miniature was built for use in the 1968 Patrick Troughton serial The Mind Robber by an effects team led by Jack Kine and Bernard Wilkie, the founding fathers of the BBC visual effects department. This prop was made specifically for the episode 1 cliffhanger where the TARDIS explodes, this effects sequence was filmed at Ealing Studios on Monday 10 June 1968’

We talk a lot on Mindless Ones about , and this is the single most metafictional Doctor Who story ever. It’s no coincidence that in it’s Pat Troughton’s Doctor who gets a cameo, and the Karkus, the in-story fictional superhero seen in The Mind Robber also appears.


"Doctor Who" The Mind Robber: Episode 3 (TV Episode 1968)

Hines rejoined the production the next week, when the venue switched for two episodes to Lime Grove D. July 19th, however, saw cast and crew return to TC3. This day began with the taping of Hines' material from part two. Subsequently, episode five was recorded on 35mm film instead of videotape. This brought an end to both the production of The Mind Robber and 's fifth recording block as a whole; Serial UU would be held over to start Season Six in late summer along with .