• the medical mind; the public mind
  • Define mind: the part of a person that thinks, reasons, ..
  • Mind-body medicine | University of Maryland Medical Center
  • Mind-body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health

Your Medical Mind: How to Decide What Is Right for You


Furthermore Medical Mind services are enhanced with direct access to a wide network of cooperation partners and key opinion leaders. The extensive experience of the Medical Mind team supported by an international network of competent cooperation partners complement one another to assist Medical Mind and ultimately its clients to reach their aspiring goals and objectives. Through this broad background a wide range of clinical and regulatory challenges can be addressed.

The Medical Mind experts have a proven track record of successfully taking medical products to market in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries, from clinical research, product development and regulatory affairs to opinion leader management, medical science liaison and market introduction (e.g.: prefilled safety syringes, auto injectors, insulin pumps, drug eluting stents, PTCA catheters and delivery systems, electrophysiology devices, cardiac occluders and paravalvular leak closure devices, spinal implants, orthopedic shavers, laser fibers and more.


By Jerome Groopman and Pamela Hartzband