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  • […] The Land of Green Plums by Herta Müller – Herta Muller’s powerful poetic imagery and lush prose had me riveted to this book though it […]
  • There are other isles and islets and grassy rocks which make up the Land of the Green isles but are of little interest.
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Land of Green Plums, The: A Novel


“Müller has triumphed in her honesty, and The Land of Green Plums is her testimony. . . .Describes in precisely hewn detail what is was like to live in Romania under communism.” —

We had a delightful lunch today at The Land of Green Ginger in Hastings Old Town . The staff were so accommodating and we pre warned them we were bringing a baby, so the high chair was in place. Delicious food for our family with various dietary needs and it was all delicious. Thank you so much. We will be...


The Land Of Green Ginger - Sproatly Smith

The land of the Green Isles is an ancient kingdom ruled by a royal family designated simply as the "". Its location so far from the rest of the known world, combined with the dangers of the surrounding sea, have effectively isolated it from the influence of other lands. This small kingdom might as well exist on a distant star as on the other side of an inhospitable sea.