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Star Wars: The Jedi Path


Welcome to walking the Jedi Path. This is a site dedicated to real life applications of Jedi Philosophy as portrayed in Star Wars media. You will find no promises of any fantastic powers or abilities beyond those which can be obtained through hard work and training. Please see our essays on how we can use the Force without resorting to mysticism.

The current goal of the Jedi Path is to provide a resource for those that wish to apply Jedi Philosophy to their day to day lives through study and training. We do not have a comprehensive curriculum and acknowledge that there are many paths to knighthood and mastery. It is our mission to provide some "paving stones" upon the path to help you on your journey, but it is you that must do the walking.


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Passed down from Master to apprentice, The Jedi Path is an ancient training manual that has educated and enlightened generations of Jedi. Within its pages, the Jedi-intraining will discover the history and lore of the Jedi Order, the ways of the Force and how to wield it, the subtle nuances of lightsaber combat, and the dangers of the Dark Side. The only remaining copy in existence, this hallowed tome features handwritten annotated notes by Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Count Dooku, and Darth Sidious, among many others. Created in collaboration with Lucasfilm along with an acclaimed Star Wars author and revered Star Wars illustrators this volume also introduces never-before-seen ships, creatures, characters, and details about the Star Wars galaxy.