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In late June 2012, Peter Jackson announced that the Hobbit would in fact be made into a second Middle Earth trilogy. He stated, "We recognized that the richness of the story of , as well as some of the related material in the appendices of , gave rise to a simple question: Do we tell more of the tale? And the answer from our perspective as filmmakers and fans was an unreserved 'yes.'"

Other potential directors who could have taken over The Hobbit include Sam Raimi, who expressed an interest in the films and is no longer a part of the Spider-Man franchise. Apparently the studios want Jackson to direct the films, but names like , , and were all thrown around. On June 25, 2010, Jackson announced that he probably would direct "two installments of Hobbit films". He was in negotiation with MGM and Warner Brothers to start shooting the films at the end of 2010.


The Hobbit by Samone5311, July 10, 2013

Ian, your comments certainly stimulate thought. I’m of a more jaded point of view. I wonder if the majority of us have grown beyond that need for metaphors. Maybe we could revert to the fifties…the plain truth. Do metaphors immediately engender caution and distrust in the Hobbits’ minds?