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The Cay (Laurel-Leaf Books)


Lesson Title: Story Vocabulary

Summary: Using provided vocabulary students will gain a deeper understanding of The Cay. Students will learn new vocabulary and practice using context clues. This activity may be used throughout the reading of the novel.

1. Students will learn and understand new vocabulary in its context.
2. Students will review and practice context clue skills.

Assessment: Students will show success in using context clues to establish meanings of vocabulary words.

1. copies of The Cay
2. copy of vocabulary word list


The Cay | Roatan Honduras All Inclusive Resorts

In this lesson, students do a pre-reading research activity to study the setting of the novel, The Cay-the Caribbean islands. By studying the history, geography, and other factual information about the islands described in the novel, students are able to use visualization to internalize vital knowledge needed for understanding the setting of the novel.

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