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He is also up against a deadline: He has until next April to pay off the $208,994 mortgage on his 7,000-square-foot store. He said he keeps Board & Wraps separate from The Book Thing because he doesn't want to mix commercial sales with charity.

He says money from online sales goes directly into the nonprofit's bank accounts or CDs. Money raised also helps pay The Book Thing's bills, including Wattenberg's salary, stated at $11,422 on the nonprofit's 2005 tax form. Wattenberg says he earns less than that - surviving on pizza and grinders he shares with volunteers - but the nonprofit had to put something down so he could receive health benefits.


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The Book Thing is a brilliant idea: FREE BOOKS! If you love to read definitely visit this site. It's literally a warehouse of old books and magazines. The first time I visited I felt guilty scooping up five books until someone passed by me with a SUITCASE full of books. They take book and magazine donations so bring in what...