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1 X Grill Gripper for Ceramic Kamado Grill Such As Big Green Egg, Primo, Grill Dome Etc.

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The Big Green Egg grill is one of the very best charcoal grills and smokers on the market, maybe even the very best! Why? Its advanced construction with ceramics makes it more insulated and heat retaining, and thus more efficient with very precise temperature control across the whole range of cooking temperatures, from lower for slow cooking and smoking, to high temperatures for searing. The construction also retains moisture, so your food doesn't dry out and stays succulent and juicy. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than most charcoal grills. But when it comes to perfectly grilled or smoked food, money is no object in my opinion. You will never regret buying a Big Green Egg smoker grill.

Another funny name, but no mistake about it, the Big Green Egg grill is the real deal! This smoker grill is one of my favorite barbecues on the market. It may be a bit more expensive than other entry level, and very solid, grills like the Weber kettle grills, but this is really the pinnacle of charcoal grilling, in my opinion, and arguably the best outdoor grill on the market in terms of flavor and versatility.


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