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Inspired by the Bible Experience: The Complete Bible


The Bible Experience is one of the most ambitious Hollywood undertaking in recent years that isn’t for a motion picture, but for a dramatic audio production of the greatest story ever told.

Through divine inspiration and the guidance of five different influential Hollywood producers, The Bible Experience has attracted an internationally recognized cast of leading actors, musicians and clergy.


The Pathfinder Bible Experience - Upper Columbia Conference

'The words written in the book of Acts have come to life in our living room as our family has sat listening together to The Bible Experience. The resulting family discussions have ignited conversations with our children about Jesus, the disciples, religion, the growth of the early church and the commitment of the early believers. I am thankful for this quality resource that brings the Word to life. We are telling all youth pastors and parents who come near Student Life about this incredible tool and its potential benefit to young people.' -- Randy Hall, , President