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The Enchanted Tarot
the areas where you may be blocked within yourself or where you current relationship has come to a standstill. The Quick and Easy Love Tarot Spread can be also be used on a daily basis. The best approach is to read the cards in the mornings and use the cards as a daily guide. Over time you will discover that your love life can greatly be influenced by your own state of mind, where you are emotionally, and how you perceive your relationship. It can also guide you through your current love relationship by providing you a tool to help tap into your own intuition. First Card Second Card This is your covered card. This card represents you and the general mood of the issue or question being asked at the time of the reading. This card represents they key challenges that may be blocking you from moving forward in your relationship or love life. This card can represent psychological, emotional, or situational issues, challenges or circumstances. This card represents the recent past that may be having an affect on your present situation. This card often identifies issues from your past that our influencing your relationship or love life. This card provides the potential future outcome of the situation at hand. It can also allude to future influences that may affect your love relationships.

The Spiritual Guidance Spread
The Spiritual Guidance Spread is a great tool for finding direction in spiritual matters. If spirituality is important to you, you will appreciate how this particular tarot card spread can further your growth and development. This spread is also useful when you find yourself confronted with a problem or situation that you do not know how to approach or handle. Although you may be dealing with issues that are currently troubling you, this spread helps you get back on track. It can give you a broader perspective, one that includes information about your spiritual path and important life lessons. This card represents the central issues surrounding you and your primary spiritual questions or concerns. This card refers to what you need to be aware of in the present.


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Tarot Spreads – The Relationship Tarot Card Spread Tarot is a great tool for helping you to understand your partner. The tarot enables you to explore the areas in your…