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  • symptoms and signs of the sugar blues that boggled men's brains and disturbed their emotions.
  • The 1967 HEW data on sugar blues goes unpublished.

Sugar Blues


What the diseasestablishment means by preventive medicine, however, is regular and costly visits to an MD or clinic for expensive tests and, maybe, a free sermon on smoking or cholesterol if Doc can hide his paunch under his white coat and abstain from tobacco long enough to deliver it. Plenty of money can be made from this kind of preventive medicine, from people terrified ~f cancer and heart disease. Medicine has only one valid answer for preventing the sugar blues, or hypoglycemia, or prediabetes: preventive nutrition. Stop eating sugar. Stop:"before you ruin your adrenals-before you end up With symptoms of the sugar blues, hypoglyc~mia, prediabetic condition, or whatever you want to call It.

The shock forces his' eye open. In thick-tongued fashion, he stammers he is a diabetic about to pass out unless someone feeds him sweets. The word spreads through the car. Two kids open their picnic lunches, extracting cans of orange soda pop. The motorman radios for an ambulance. A fat woman across the _ aisle gives him a gooey cupcake. Gradually, he recovers his metabolic balance and gets off the train at Times Square. He is a top political reporter from The New York Times, a diabetic for 23 years, who forgot his regular packet of "melt in your mouth, not in your hand" candies. He Suffered from insulin shock. Too much insulin. Hypoglycemic reaction. Low level of glucose in the blood. Sugar blues.



This deep wisteria blue self is well known for its consistent reblooming habit even in the colder climates. As another bonus, Sugar Blues has a pronounced sweet fragrance. The tailored flowers have modern appearance.