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Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions


Lander: No. I'm glad when I offend people with this because it's not offensive. What's been great about it is the title draws people in, and right away they are like, "What is this? Am I going to get offended by this?" Then they read it, and it's not what they expect. People see the title and they expect "Stuff White People Like" to be entries like mayonnaise, or dancing poorly, these old stereotypes that are really outdated and aren't even funny anymore.

Lander: People send in stuff all the time, and one of the things is that people just don't get what I am going for here. They send in [suggestions such as] guns, NASCAR, trailer parks -- these old stereotypes that are not what I'm after. The one I reject a lot is people say, "Well, you know what, 'Stuff White People Like' should be on the list of 'Stuff White People Like.' " I'm just like, "All right, postmodern hero, you're not the first person to send this in. I'm not putting it on the list."


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Part of the reason Stuff White People Like is a "safe" place for white people to talk about race is because Lander fits the exact profile he mocks: He's a white, 20-something, "creative class"-type based in Los Angeles. The blog is primarily a place for white people to chortle at the oddities of race and class and then congratulate themselves for having done so, thus neatly avoiding the need to delve any deeper. Or, conversely, they may like the blog because it allows them to disassociate themselves and laugh at those white yuppies. The core message is that it's OK to be rich and white, as long as you laugh about it. No further analysis required. It's a message that, unsurprisingly, rich, white people love to hear.