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Stand and Deliver

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13. Stand and Deliver (1988)
One of the great mysteries of this film is how could a man write and direct such a compelling movie about, of all things, high school calculus, and then virtually disappear? Ramon Menendez’ Stand and Deliver is, arguably, the finest movie ever made about what a difference a teacher can make in a bunch of kids’ lives. Edward James Olmos gives the performance of his career as the late Jaime Escalante, who for years taught AP Calculus at Garfield High in the East L.A. barrio, and whose success became so legendary that at one point President Ronald Reagan actually flew to L.A. to meet him and watch him teach. While the film is a largely condensed version of Escalante’s efforts to build his calculus program, what cannot be disputed is its final scene, over which a series of facts scroll down the page, each of them hitting you like a sledgehammer until you look around and realize your wall of cynicism has been reduced to a pile of rubble.

I love this desk! I don't know how many times I've complained that I want the option to stand up and work. Sitting all day is really painful and I actually think better standing up. A treadmill to keep my body moving is a really cool addition that I never even considered, but it makes total sense. If you're the boss, these type of desks not only keep your employees sharp and productive, they keep them healthy and that's good for the boottom line in every way!


Stand and Deliver:Stand and Deliver