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  • On Criminal Minds, Prentiss was planning on going on a 'sin to win' weekend in Atlantic City, when the team got called on to a case.

Lose to Win (Lola Bandz Presents)

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EA decided to hold a “Sin to Win” contest to promote its upcoming game. The theme for the first round of the contest was the sin of lust, one of the nine circles of hell depicted in the classic poem and its game adaptation. To enter EA asked Comic-Con attendees to “commit acts of lust” in the form of taking a picture with one of the countless, scantily clad booth-babes scattered through the convention, and then Tweet the picture to the Inferno developers' Twitter account.

So, at , happening now, the upcoming title Dante’s Inferno has issued a challenge to attendees: Sin to Win. And what do you win? A night out with hot girls – dinner and limo rides and some money. But how do you win? “Commit Acts of Lust” with a booth babe at SDCC.


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