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Russian Ark: Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray]


Ultimately I suspect it takes a very specific sort of person to watch “Russian Ark”, and unfortunately I am not a person of that sort. I appreciate what the film says about Russian culture and Russia’s place in the world, but I do not enjoy the way the film makes those claims.

With Elephant we are brought through the corridors of an American High School on a normal day only that this day ends with a school massacre. In Russian Ark we are ushered trough a museum to view 300 years of Russian art and history.


Film: RUSSIAN ARK - Austin Film Society

Russian Ark is a 2002 film from , directed by Alexander Sokurov. The film follows an unseen narrator and his guest, a Frenchman named Custine, through the Russian State Hermitage Museum in as they talk about the history of the city and the artifacts within the museum, bouncing around in time from the modern day to 's era to and back again. Russian Ark is something of a miracle in filmmaking: The entire film (around 93 minutes, excluding the credits) was shot using a single Steadicam in one continuous, uninterrupted take. When you realize that this film has over 2,000 actors in it, this feat becomes even more incredible.