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  • Kingfishers Catch Fire and other titles by Rumer Godden are published by Virago.
  • Kingfishers Catch Fire and other titles by Rumer Godden are published by Virago.
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The subtitle for Lucy Le-Guilcher and Phyllis B. Lassner’s co-edited book on the work of Rumer Godden—International and Intermodern Storyteller—aptly summarizes the extraordinary literary career of Godden. The author of more than sixty books in many genres (including novels, short stories, poetry, children’s books, and biographies) with a life-long interest in Indian culture, mythology, dance, and performance, Godden is both an international star and as Le-Guilcher, Lassner, and their eleven contributors argue, an intermodern woman of letters experimenting with point-of-view and temporal structures while taking on such “hot” topics as colonial relations and British and Indian women’s roles in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as rattling religious organizations while exploring faith consciousness.

Margaret Rumer Godden was born on Dec. 10, 1907, in Sussex, England, the second of four daughters of Arthur Leigh and Katherine Hingley Godden. The family moved to India when she was less than a year old. Her father was a steamship agent and her childhood was spent in remote river towns throughout the British-ruled subcontinent. Until she was 12, Ms. Godden was largely educated by her family in a home that she later described as ''English streaked with Indian, or Indian streaked with English.''


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: 5/10. Workmanlike, but lacking any sort of the old Rumer Godden magic. If it were by any other author I would have set it aside unfinished, but as the celebrated writer’s last published work, I felt the need to see it through to the end. Not recommended, except to those wishing to round out their Godden collection.